Device interconnection

Devices are forming functional unit and they require interconnection ability, either software or hardware (electronics) or both.

Industrial control system

Industrial production varies from simple to complex. They all need some control, data acquisition, automation and other configurations:

  • collecting data from sensor systems
    • temperature
    • humidity
    • presure
    • visibility
    • ...
  • monitoring
  • alarming
  • motor control
  • valve control
  • ...

Signal conditioning

Analog world produces analog signals.
With signal conditioning we can manipulate with analog signals. Most common usage is digitalisation of signals (Analog to digital conversion).

Custom industrial electronics

Advantages of custom electronics:

  • Designed for your needs, by your specifications
  • Supporting software also tailored by your specifications, forming balanced unit
  • Cost effective
  • You participate in the design
  • Easier upgrades
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pcb 3D model

pcb layout trace

schematic circuit

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